World production and consumption of ceramic tiles (2013)

Acimac's Statistics Department is continuing its hard work and at the end of November is publishing the 2nd edition of the study entitled "World production and consumption of ceramic tiles".

The new study (250 pages) analyses in detail the ten-year trends (from 2004 to 2013) in the ceramic tile industry and market in 75 countries. Along with the 64 countries featured in the first edition, this year's study also includes Bangladesh, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Ivory Coast, Sweden, Moldova and Serbia.

Tables and charts provide data on ceramic tile production, consumption, import and export volumes and their respective market shares for each country.

The data for individual countries are accompanied by an analysis of the totals by geographical areas.

Available in Italian and English, the study is designed to help machinery manufacturers and tile producers draw up their corporate strategies.

In January the Statistics Department will be launching a new series entitled "Financial Analysis of Budgetary Data", providing international benchmarks and analyses of competitors, suppliers and customers. These four new volumes analyse and compare the economic and financial performance of the world's largest companies in the following sectors:


The "Financial Analyses of Budgetary Data" present companies' three-year economic and financial data (2011-2013) in a very clear way. The financial statements are reclassified according to international standards, making the data quick and easy to compare.

Company performance can be compared instantly with the national and world averages for profitability, while a dashboard provides the 3 different financial stability and credit risk ratings.

The studies also provide the world rankings of companies according to 16 different financial statement items and their classifications according to an innovative multi-dimensional index.

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