Cerdomus chooses System Ceramics for the end-of-line stage

Qualitron, Multigecko, Multiflex and Griffon technologies have been installed in the Cerdomus factory in Castel Bolognese.

System Ceramics (Coesia Group) is intensifying its collaboration with Cerdomus, a leading player in the international ceramic industry for over fifty years. As part of a programme of investments aimed at improving the efficiency of the end-of-line stage, the Castel Bolognese (Ravenna) based company has installed four state-of-the-art technologies developed by System Ceramics.

For quality control, it chose Qualitron, a top-of-the-range system for tone and defect detection which uses proprietary software to identify and communicate all detected defects rapidly and keep the production process running smoothly.

For the ceramic product selection phase, Cerdomus opted for Multigecko, one of the most advanced sorting systems in the world. With a continuous-cycle configuration that avoids machine stoppage, this solution allows for product and size changeover with the help of dedicated software and can use up to 18 grippers distributed over 9 axes to ensure the highest levels of performance.

Multigecko operates in combination with Multiflex, a tile packaging line that stands out for its high speed and significant cardboard savings.

Finally, the Griffon automatic palletizer equipped with a motorised gripper for better grip control on the package ensures optimal management of the flow of products towards the warehouse.