“Sacmi Continua+, a technology that’s here to stay”

Silvestre Segarra, CEO of Porcelanosa, comments the results of the major investment finalized by the company in both of the latest Continua+ models, the PCR2180 and PCR2120.

“With the ceramic industry facing major technological challenges, the incorporation of Sacmi's Continua+ technology into the process was one of the biggest steps forward of recent years”.

So says Silvestre Segarra, CEO di Porcelanosa, a world-leading Spanish group that manufactures ceramic floor and wall tiles.

This was a parallel investment, designed to upgrade two production facilities at Villareal. It embraces all the solutions recently added to the Sacmi Continua+ family: from the powerful PCR2180 to the PCR2120, the ‘smart’ version that continues to arouse keen interest and win over more and more of the world’s major players.

With the PCR2180, the company was immediately able to start producing 1600x3200 mm slabs; there’s also the option of manufacturing 1800x3600 mm items in the future by establishing a large slab plant in the ‘Porcelanosa 4’ unit. However, the partnership with Sacmi extends far beyond Continua+, as the order also included dryers and a new modulated air-gas Maestro FMA kiln, currently the market’s best-seller.

The PCR2120 was started up on the ‘Porcelanosa 1’ site where traditional sizes were already made: depending on needs, this unit will focus on both slabs and sub-sizes, such as 120x120 cm.

“The main advantage of the two Continua+ presses is their extraordinary versatility”, explains Porcelanosa’s Technical Manager, Manuel Ten, “a versatility seen in the three key areas of thickness changes, size changes and adaptability to different body types”.

High performance, then, but also outstanding user-friendliness: “Another aspect worth highlighting”, says Mr. Ten, “is the ease with which workers accustomed to traditional presses have become familiar with this new technology”.

Two projects in parallel, then, and immediate tangible results in the form of “higher quality and greater uniformity of articles”, explain the Porcelanosa managers.

“From the outset”, points out CEO Silvestre Segarra, “the results proved to be highly satisfactory. As always, Sacmi provided us with close support and we are now fully operational”.

A globally renowned brand, Porcelanosa has worked with Sacmi for decades. The Italian technology supplier, in fact, sees Porcelanosa as a ‘case study’ that mirrors the many Continua+ projects already completed or in progress worldwide.

“With the PCR2180 compactor”, explains Mirco Berengari, Regional Sales Manager Europe, SACMI Tiles BU, “we’re talking about the most powerful solution on the market, with a productivity of over 21,500 m2/day of slabs and sub-sizes, up to 1800 mm wide. Porcelanosa has also purchased the Smart version, the PCR2120 compactor, which breaks down the traditional barriers between slabs and standard tiles by allowing users to produce every type of coordinated size and sub-size. In practice, we’re able to meet the market’s every need thanks to an extremely versatile solution that’s suitable for new factories yet can also easily be integrated on existing lines”.

According to Porcelanosa CEO Silvestre Segarra, this successful project shows the way to the future.

“I believe this technology is here to stay”, he points out, “and that in the coming years it will be used widely in all pressing processes”.

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