The big players in the sanitaryware sector (2018)

Roca, Kohler, Geberit and Toto lead the rankings of the world ceramic sanitaryware manufacturers by volumes of production in 2018. See who is next.

With a production of 34.5 million pieces/year and manufacturing plants in Europe, South America, North Africa and Asia, the Spanish multinational Roca Group is the biggest ceramic sanitaryware manufacturer in the world; its production is sold with the brands Roca, Laufen, Celite, Incepa, Parryware, Jika, Ying, Santeri and Santek.

The US Kohler Group follows, with an estimated production capacity of 22 million pieces/year, which is installed in 12 facilities in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, France, Morocco, Thailand, India and China.

Two players are third in the rankings, both with a production of about 12 million pieces/year: The Japanese Toto group, which owns 14 plants in Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, USA and Mexico; and the (estimated) Geberit group, whose plants are only in Europe (Finland, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Italy and e Ukraine).


Check the rankings of the major 27 world groups as published in Ceramic World Review 134.


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