Florim launches the “CarbonZero-” project

The new Climate Positive surfaces neutralise the CO2 emissions generated during their production process and product life cycle and go beyond zero impact.

In keeping with its strategy to reduce the impact of its business activities, Florim, a B Corp certified company since 2020, is presenting “CarbonZero-”, a project for Climate Positive surfaces that neutralise the CO2 emissions generated by their production process and life cycle. “CarbonZero-” products go beyond zero environmental impact because Florim adds a further 10% in terms of emissions reduction by purchasing certified carbon credits deriving from renewable energy projects in developing countries.

The decision to voluntarily offset product emissions concerns all new collections launched by the Italian ceramic group from 2023 onwards. These include products displayed in the Florim Gallery during the September event “The Beauty of Regeneration”, i.e. Essential Mood, Eccentric Luxe, Biotech, Coretech and Stone Life, which derive from cutting-edge technology and constant innovation and research into the aesthetic qualities and technical performance of products.

The “CarbonZero-” initiative is a tangible effort to combat overexploitation of natural resources and to make the production process 100% sustainable in terms of water, electricity and waste recovery. Florim has backed up its dedication to these issues by making significant investments, as documented in its Sustainability Report since 2008. In addition, the company celebrated 12 years of clean energy on 11 October this year. It installed its first photovoltaic system at the site in Fiorano Modenese back in 2011, then gradually expanded its photovoltaic capacity over the years to reach a total of 64,000 square metres of panels (12.3 MWp) at the sites in Fiorano and Mordano, thereby avoiding the emission of almost 20,000 tonnes of CO2.

The company has also made other significant environmental investments that have resulted in total emission savings of almost 130,000 tonnes of CO2.

Florim’s green credentials are recognised by numerous awards, including the recent Sustainability Award promoted by Kon Group together with Elite and Azimut Area 4. Evaluated on the basis of ESG rating, Florim achieved the highest score in the Top 100 Environmental category among all candidate companies with revenues in excess of €250 million.

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