Gmm Group improves energy and production efficiency at Florida Tile

As part of its constant research into cutting-edge solutions, Gmm Group has supplied Florida Tile with an innovative tile cooling system for the glazing department.

Through its subsidiary Gmm USA, the Gmm Group has supplied Florida Tile (a US company owned by Panariagroup) with an innovative system for cooling tiles prior to digital printing. Custom designed and built in collaboration with the group’s Reggio Emilia-based partner FM, the system can replace or complement the existing solution.

It is extremely versatile and combines flexibility with maximum energy efficiency, thereby guaranteeing considerable savings in terms of real electrical power consumption. The high-performance centrifugal fan system reduces the consumption of the cooling system to around 7 kW while achieving excellent levels of temperature reduction compared to traditional solutions that absorb between 22 and 30 kW.

Internal tests conducted in partnership with FM also show that the system is able to reduce perceived operating noise by around 40%. In addition, the fact that it is modular means that it is possible to repair a malfunctioning fan in real time without having to interrupt the product flow or halt production.

For an energy-intensive sector like the ceramic industry, the solution proposed by the Gmm Group marks a major step forward in terms of energy and cost savings and is an important technological innovation for the purpose of achieving the highest levels of productivity.

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