Incepa (Roca Brasil Cerâmica) chooses Sacmi Digital Decoration & Glazing

As the first company in the Americas to start up a Continua+ line in 2015, Incepa has invested in DDG technology and won Best in Show 2022 at Revestir for its Fusion collection. It has already confirmed the purchase of a second Continua+.

The Fusion collection produced by Incepa (Roca Brasil Cerâmica) won the Best in Show Award at the Brazilian exhibition Revestir 2022 as the best porcelain tile of the year. Produced using Mineral Lab technology on a Sacmi Deep Digital plant, this innovative collection stands out for its unique aesthetic and material effects “capable of creating extraordinary relief coatings with a 3D effect”, according to the jury statement.

Part of the Mexico-based Lamosa Group since 2021, Incepa made the successful decision to equip its plant with Digital Decoration & Glazing (DDG) technology, Sacmi’s exclusive application for the production of textured, glazed and digitally decorated products. It completed the investment last year with the aim of further expanding and improving its portfolio in the large-size slab segment. These products are manufactured at the plant in Campo Largo, Paraná, where the first Continua+ line in the Americas came into operation in 2015. The company expanded its range of offerings in 2020 with the integration of the Sacmi DHD solution for wet application of inks and effects, used to decorate Roca Cerâmica branded 1200x2500 mm slabs.

The new DDG has extended the potential of digital technology to include the selective application of gritsglues and other dry and wet effects. This brings numerous benefits, including faster new product development together with guaranteed consistency and repeatability, as well as greater scope for creativity thanks to the synchronisation of graphic designs (based on controlled depositing of spray-dried powder on the compaction belt). The DDG is also capable of applying two dry raw materials simultaneously, while additional bars are devoted to the application of glazes, glues and effects. This solution offers manufacturers greater opportunities in terms of decorative versatility and three-dimensionality.

Following its recent successes, Incepa intends to continue its growth in the high end of the market and recently confirmed the purchase of a second Continua+ line, again equipped with Sacmi Deep Digital technology – a decision that has further strengthened the partnership between Sacmi and the Lamosa Group.

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