LB presents its new Naturae kit

LB’s research efforts have culminated in the launch of the new Naturae kit designed to produce high-quality nature-inspired porcelain stoneware.

Naturae is a groundbreaking technology developed by LB that is designed to replicate natural aesthetic effects while overcoming the technical and functional limitations of materials such as marble and stone.

The system allows for the production of full-body products that closely mimic natural stone, achieving striking aesthetic effects with highly realistic colour and depth while retaining the strength and durability of technical porcelain stoneware. Achieving these results involves the integration of the Naturae kit with Freestile, LB’s well-established technology for dry ceramic powder colouring. This combination not only enhances the products’ visual appeal but also contributes to a longer and more sustainable life cycle, easier usability and reduced investment costs compared to other technologies.

LB’s new kit meets the ceramic industry’s increasing demand for solutions that combine aesthetic appeal with technical performance and sustainability. It aligns with modern design trends that seek to rediscover and incorporate the many different material effects present in nature.


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