Logistics Evolution-Safety First Edition proves a big success

The event organised by TecnoFerrari on 30 June at its new premises was very well received. The debate focused on innovation and safety.

A highly successful conference entitled “Logistics Evolution-Safety First Edition” was the first event organised by Tecnoferrari at its new and ultra-modern facility in Fiorano Modenese. The aim of the conference was to share knowledge, experience and innovations in the field of ceramic logistics, a sector in which TecnoFerrari has been a leading player since 1966 with safe, reliable and high-performance automated handling solutions.

Cristiano Canotti opened the conference with an overview of the latest trends in the field of logistics automation and a special focus on the just-in-time production model.

Next to speak was Nicolò Ronchetti, General Manager of TecnoFerrari, who discussed the issue of safety, noting how important it is for the future and how the company is committed to designing machines that meet the strictest safety standards for operators. He was followed by sales director Alberto Rosignoli who illustrated the consultancy-based approach adopted by TecnoFerrari in proposing highly customised cutting-edge logistics solutions based on a meticulous analysis of each customer’s needs with the aim of maximising efficiency and safety.

The topic of industrial safety was also discussed by two TecnoFerrari supplier companies, Sick and Reer, who presented their recent innovations and offered valuable information on the safety devices applied to TecnoFerrari machines.

The presentations by automation software development experts Simone Guidetti and Giuseppe Marazzi focused on the TF Supervisor and Plantviewer and included a practical explanation of the way they operate in an existing plant. The event was concluded with a talk by Matteo Grigolo, who described a complete plant supplied by TecnoFerrari and explained how the company was able to meet the customer’s needs with safe and efficient bespoke solutions.

Following the guided tour through the production departments, the day was concluded by a reception in the courtyard outside the company headquarters.

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