Sacmi delivers its 7,000th mould to Hatria

The milestone was reached thanks to an increase in the number of moulds produced using the innovative tooling process, which for the first time has overtaken the traditional casting system.

With the recent shipment to Teramo-based sanitaryware manufacturer Hatria, Sacmi has reached the milestone of 7,000 delivered moulds, many of them produced using the modern “tooling” method which involves machining the porous resin blocks directly on a CNC work station.

Sacmi Sanitaryware is renowned around the world for the design and development of porous resins moulds, a process that has undergone significant development in recent years. Alongside the traditional construction method involving casting in a case mould, moulds are now produced using the tooling system, a solution that drastically reduces mould development times while at the same time increasing the operations of the mould production department without the presence of personnel (the work station can operate 24 hours a day without an operator).

Sacmi’s ability to produce increasingly complex moulds using this innovative system has expanded its target market as part of its new Digital Product Development philosophy. In this case, digital modelling is used to assist customers at every stage of both the traditional casting and the innovative tooling processes.

A leading player in the sanitaryware industry renowned for its innovative design products, Hatria has been using Sacmi technology for more than twenty years in all stages of the production process, from body preparation to firing.