Hidra Ceramica adopts Sacmi RobotClean

The solution enables the Civita Castellana-based company to automate white finishing of sanitaryware. The supplied cell is equipped with the new Sacmi-Gaiotto NG Offline software and a customised handling system.

Already a Sacmi-Gaiotto customer in the field of robotised glazing, Hidra Ceramica has now invested in the new RobotClean white stage sanitaryware finishing system, a solution that was recently launched onto the market and has already established itself as a benchmark among the industry’s leading players.

A leading manufacturer of high-quality sanitaryware for more than 30 years based in the Civita Castellana district, Hidra will now be able to automate the finishing stage for any type of sanitaryware article thanks to the use of specific tools and advanced software management. In addition, the load capacity of up to 50 kg means that even the heaviest and most complex articles can be handled in complete safety.

RobotClean is equipped with specific abrasive tools for every part of the sanitaryware piece (outside, inside, edges and rim), thereby guaranteeing optimum repeatability and quality of finishing and eliminating the need for manual handling operations. The solution supplied to Hidra is equipped with the new Sacmi-Gaiotto NG Offline software capable of performing offline programming of the robot’s tasks and simulating the effects they will have on the real article.

A powerful extraction system (13,000 m³/h) operating in synergy with the wet filter systems keeps the robot’s work area and the air surrounding the cell clean at all times, which brings advantages in terms of sustainability and circularity of the process. The reduction in manual operations also brings benefits in terms of quality as the operator has no further contact with the piece after it has been inspected and loaded onto the bar conveyor, and it is sent directly to the glazing department after automatic finishing.

In addition to the new cell, Sacmi-Gaiotto has also supplied a handling system in a customised configuration that includes an angle transfer device with double fork to reduce the robot serving times and limit downtime.

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