System Ceramics launches rebranding operation

System Ceramics has unveiled a new brand identity which emphasises the company’s integration with Coesia and will accompany a large-scale development project aimed at strengthening its position in the global ceramic machinery sector.

Two years after its complete acquisition by the Coesia Group, System Ceramics is presenting its new brand identity designed to accompany a major new growth and development project aimed at strengthening its position in the global ceramic machinery sector.

As System Ceramics CEO Luca Bazzani explained, the process

“will enable us to capitalise on the strengths we have built up over the years while focusing constantly on the needs of our stakeholders. With this step, we are further strengthening our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers and partners. Our aim is to revolutionise the ceramic production process by developing effective, cutting-edge technologies that deliver aesthetic and functional excellence while fully respecting the environment and the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria we share with Coesia.”

The rebranding of System Ceramics underscores the fact that it is part of a solid international group, enabling it to strengthen its global presence while at the same time expanding its know-how with cross-sectoral knowledge and skills through collaboration with the more than twenty companies making up the Coesia Group.

This integration will be immediately recognisable from the new logo used on every campaign, facility and product, with the aim of emphasising the common values and intentions shared with Coesia.  For this purpose, a campaign was launched at the beginning of May to position and promote the company’s new and updated range of increasingly efficient machinery designed to keep up with the times and respond to new market demands.

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