Technological innovation at the click of a button

Technological innovation at the click of a buttonOnly one month since the publication of the initiative, the Organisation Committee of the Technology Transfer Day (to be held from 2 to 4 October in Rimini at the Tecnargilla 2002 trade fair) has already received numerous offers and requests for technology from all over Europe.
The "adverts" will be presented at the event. The first 15 offers and requests for technology approved by the TTD Scientific Committee are already available online at the official site of the event at the address The proposals regard a host of subjects of direct interest to ceramics traders: innovative processes for forming (moulds, extrusion, moulding, lasers), measurement systems, porous ceramics, bioceramics, sensors etc.
Here are just a couple of examples A small German company has improved its system for the production of ceramic forms and is looking for a company in the sector of casting, for sanitaryware or technical ceramics to grant a license or sell the patent. In this technology, the plaster moulds are heated from the inside with carbon fibres which are inserted in the mould. In this way, ceramic parts dry much more rapidly during the process. Product quality is improved, saving time and energy.
Another example; a Polish research group has developed and constructed a computerised system (hardware and software) as part of a research project, to measure the extreme angle of contact and surface tension in liquid and solid metal systems. The equipment has been tested in liquid metal-ceramics systems and also in ceramics-glass systems. The main advantages are high precision and repeatability of results, short measurement intervals and the use of an image analysis system. The authors hope to grant a license to industries or research sectors.
After viewing the information datasheets of the offers and requests on the event web site, those interested in further details can make an appointment with the person concerned by means of the specific booking form.

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