ORBITER, the revolution in slab and tile lapping

Premier launch ORBITER, the innovative tool that revolutionizes the slab and tile lapping process.

Premier revolutionizes slab and tile lapping by designing a tool, the ORBITER, which transforms a cylindrical head into the most powerful and accurate lapping system ever made, thanks to a cutting power 2.5 times higher than a Fickert head.

Power and accuracy are the main characteristics of ORBITER which consists of 5 cylindrical tool-holders equipped with 7 tools each, assembled on the spindles of a cylindrical head that develop a cutting power 2.5 times higher than a Fickert head. The tools of the ORBITER are arranged radially and describe a circular trajectory with a radius of 110 mm., this allows them to perfectly follow the surface of the slab, equally machining points in relief and depressions, thus obtaining the highest quality and uniformity of processing. ORBITER is an innovative lapping system, which uses standard Fickert tools.

There are several strengths points of the ORBITER, which make it the only real innovation in the sector in the last 10 years. We list the most important ones below:

Cutting capacity: + 250% compared to a Fickert head

The tangential speed of the tool is about 27 m/s compared to less than 11 m/s of a standard Fickert head and therefore the removal capacity is 2.5 times higher.

High productivity and durability

Each tool has 2.5 times the cutting capacity and each head is equipped with 35 tools, so we can increase line speed and have much rarer tool changes, consequently the productivity is much higher.

Processing quality and uniformity at the highest levels

Each of the 5 cylinders composing ORBITER, describes a circular motion around its axis that allows the tools to perfectly follow the surface, thus obtaining a uniformity never achieved before and an unparalleled polish. Thanks to the combination of the motions: rotation of the whole system with the rotation of the cylinder we obtain a multitude of signs, intertwined with each other, about 8 mm. long, thus the concentric “progress mark” typical of the Fickert head is definitively eliminated. Furthermore, thanks to the 2.5 times higher cutting capacity, finer-grained tools can be used, further improving the quality of the polish even in the absence of treatments.


By varying the type and stiffness of the tool, it is possible to full lappato polish, calibrating or following the surface, to smooth the ridges, to satin or to brush the surfaces of slabs and tiles starting from the format of 600 mm. we can carry out very different processes like with the Fickert head.

Easy to use

Quick assembly and fewer tool changes mean less effort for the operator, moreover the ORBITER does not require special adjustments, as it easily adapts to different types of machining and uses standard Fickert tools.

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