Ceramika Paradyż sets its sights on large sizes

After achieving significant sales growth in 2021, Ceramika Paradyz expects another very positive year, also thanks to the new opportunities offered by the line which was started-up recently.

Piotr Tokarski

International expansion, digitalisation, new brand positioning and the launch of the new tiles and slabs manufactured on the new line which was started up recently. These are some of the goals for the year 2022 announced by Ceramika Paradyż, the leading Polish manufacturer with an almost 25% share of the domestic market.

The company closed the year 2021 exceeding its sales targets and achieving significant year-on-year sales growth both in the Polish market and internationally, while “2022 promises to be just as positive as the previous year, despite the increases in production costs”, says Chairman Piotr Tokarski.

“The new ceramic tile and slab production line will begin operating at full capacity in the first half of this year”, Tokarski explains. “We will produce tiles in various sizes, from 60x60 cm through to 120x280 cm and 180x320 cm and in thicknesses from 6 mm to 30 mm, and in some sizes with full-body decorations. We will offer the market new products that faithfully reflect the character of stone and other natural materials, but at very competitive prices and for a wide range of applications: not just floor and wall tiles but also exterior façades, furnishing surfaces, kitchen tops, windowsills, stair treads, etc. These surfaces can be processed mechanically in the same way as natural stone while delivering advantages such as superior stain resistance”.

Thanks to this project, Ceramika Paradyz will be able to open up new distribution channels and expand its sales markets at home and abroad with business partners who have so far used other materials for their furnishing surfaces.

Read the complete interview with Piotr Tokarski, published in CWR 145

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