Gmm Group supplies green technologies to Florim Ceramiche

The Pull’n’Catch dust extraction system patented by the Gmm Group’s strategic partner FM has been installed on several production lines at Florim Ceramiche.

With the worsening of the energy crisis and the consequent rise in costs, the ceramic industry is doing everything possible to reduce its levels of energy consumption while maintaining productivity and product competitiveness. In this complex scenario, Gmm Group acts as a global industrial partner and supplies innovative technologies to support its customers in the process of optimising resources.

One example is that of Florim Ceramiche, a world-leading company in the sector with whom Gmm Group recently completed an ambitious sustainable efficiency project.

Specifically, the Gmm Group’s engineers designed and installed the innovative “PULL’n’CATCH” dust extraction system patented by the Group’s strategic partner FM for several Florim production lines.

The most innovative feature of the product is the special closed-circuit system which blows and at the same time extracts any dust present on the tiles prior to firing, thereby eliminating potential production waste or processing damage. A further innovative element of the system is the dust collection device which prevents dust from being released into the workplace, thereby preserving cleanliness and protecting the health of operators.

The system brings countless benefits in terms of both cost and energy. By using this system equipped with two 2.2 kW motors, for example, it is possible to repurpose the old filters driven by large motors with high energy and maintenance costs.

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