System Ceramics: Gea, mouldless pressing

Gea, the latest process innovation from System for mouldless pressing, is a revolutionary and highly flexible system in which the desired type of product determines the way the machine is used.

The Gea press is capable of handling large-format tiles of any thickness and has strong green credentials in terms of the energy and raw materials savings it offers the ceramic industry. The range includes four versions with different tonnages: GEA15000t, GEA26000t, GEA33000t and GEA40000t. They all guarantee uniform compaction over the entire surface of the tile (tile pressing area to oil pressure ratio 1: 1).

The resultant products are perfectly flat, free from internal stresses and with limited calibre variations; free from additives and made with standard spray-dried body; compliant with standard UNI 1441, annex 10545; suitable for wet or dry through-body decoration; with a smooth or textured surface. The products have unlimited aesthetic potential. Furthermore, the press can be integrated with existing plants and requires no foundations for installation or exceptional transport (on-site installation).


Technical characteristics of GEA40000t


  Pressing force       40,000 ton
 Oil pressure  max 420 bar
 Pressing force on tile  max 420 kg/cm²
  Unfired tile dimensions*  max 1800x5335 mm 
 Fired tile dimensions*   max 1600x4800 mm (7,68  m²)
   Range of thicknesses  3-30 mm
 Total weight  207 ton
 Specific weight on floor  5 kg/cm²
  Unfired tile cutting disk  d=200x1,6 mm diamant
  Installed electrical power  100 Kw
  Electricity consumption  67 Kwh
  Number of cycles*  Max 50 Cycles/h
   Output*  9,600 m²/day




*values depend on the characteristics of the spray-dried powder







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