Brick World Review 2/2022


  • Focus on decarbonisation

by Paola Giacomini

World News


  • Tecna 2022 on the starting blocks


  • Heavy clay machinery enjoys another growth year
  • Italian brick and tile production up 12.1%
  • The European construction market to 2024
  • The unstoppable growth of Wienerberger
  • Forterra continues its strategic investment programme


  • Cemacon’s large eco-friendly project in Sălaj
  • Fanelli 3 thermally efficient brick production line launched in Argentina


  • Marcheluzzo and Cerámica Fanelli: an outstanding partnership
  • Robotic grippers with low weight and high gripping strength
  • Wienerberger doubles its capacity in Kanjiža
  • The hydrogen revolution: Michelmersh rises to the challenge
  • Turning waste heat into clean energy

Latest technologies


  • Functional restoration of the former De Majo glassworks in Murano

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