HOB CERTEC opens warehouse in the US

The ceramic kiln roller manufacturer has opened its own warehouse in Newport, Delaware, from where it will manage sales and supplies to US customers.

Following a ten-year presence in the US market, with sales activities managed from its headquarters in the Czech Republic, HOB CERTEC is now taking an important step to support its international growth with the opening of a new warehouse in Newport, Delaware. The facility is located at the site of its subsidiary Tenmat Inc., which serves the local market and distributes all Diamorph Group products in North and South America.

HOB CERTEC ceramic rollers are now used by all major US tile manufacturers. Keeping a stock of rollers in the US will reduce lead times for production and transportation from 3-4 months to as little as 2 days, guaranteeing supplies even in the event of an emergency.

Despite the fall in demand in the world ceramic market and the economic recession in Europe, HOB CERTEC maintained its decade of uninterrupted growth with an 11% increase in revenues in 2023. This year, the company aims to strengthen its position by optimising production and sales efficiency in order to provide customers with the same levels of product and service quality as in the past. HOB CERTEC has a highly skilled team of salespeople, agents and distributors serving all main ceramic manufacturing countries, as well as a wide range of rollers to meet all the needs of the ceramic industry, including the most challenging products such as large slabs and heavy, thick materials.

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