I-nkfiller® conquers Peru

With the latest two installations for Celima and Aris, I-nkfiller® technology has reached 100% coverage of the Peruvian market.

I-nkfiller®, the automatic ink, material and glue filling system for digital printers manufactured by I-Tech and marketed by Inter Ser in the majority of international markets, has achieved a new milestone. With the two recent shipments to Peru, the system has attained 100% coverage of the local market. The two companies adopting the system are Celima, Peru’s largest ceramic tile manufacturer with a market presence dating back more than 50 years, and Aris, a young company based in Lurin, south of Lima, which has been operating for six years under the Gala brand name.

Celima chose the PRO1 version to feed five digital printers, while Aris will use I-nkfiller® to feed two machines. Both companies have adopted a range of optional extras, including PIM software for remote consumption monitoring.

I-nkfiller® is one of the most popular solutions in markets worldwide, with more than 110 installations in Italy, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the USA, Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Guatemala.

The success of I-nkfiller® has been aided by the rapid return on the investment (on average just over a year) and the many certified improvements it brings in terms of environmental sustainability, particularly the elimination of plastic cans, more efficient use of raw materials and greater efficiency in the production process. Further advantages include the elimination of human error, improved finished product quality, longer ink shelf life, reduced waste, downtime and maintenance costs of digital printers, as well as lower transport costs and CO2 emissions.

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