System Ceramics and Kale: a 30-year partnership

System Ceramics’ technology has again been adopted for the third Kalesinterflex slab production line opened in July.

For its latest major investment, the Turkish group Kaleseramik has renewed its longstanding partnership with System Ceramics (Coesia Group) by adopting its cutting-edge technologies in the third Kalesinterflex slab production line started up on 27 July.

The technology supplied by System Ceramics includes all the key production machinery, from a Superfast 30,000 press with Genesis technology for creating through-vein effects to digital printers, the new Fastdry dryer launched at Tecna 2022 and end-of-line equipment.

The two companies have enjoyed a close partnership for almost 30 years, maintaining a solid, long-term relationship based on mutual trust. Since 1995, the Turkish company has purchased all types of machinery produced by System Ceramics including presses, decoration systems and end-of-line equipment, and has grown in step with the Italian group.

This longstanding partnership is not restricted to the supply of systems and machinery but includes ongoing support with all aspects of machine maintenance and software updates. To guarantee smooth operation and outstanding technical performance of the machinery at every stage of the production process, System Ceramics’ personnel provide professional input through constant monitoring and extraordinary assistance both onsite and from Italy.

“Placing trust in the same partner over a long period of time means tackling different challenges together, according to the timing and market context,” explains Enrico Quartieri, Cluster Sales Manager MEA at System Ceramics. “We are proud that the Kale Group recognises our expertise in terms of technical and human performance as our strength lies in the winning combination of our machinery and our teams of experts.”