Tecna 2022: How to Make the Future

From 27 to 30 September, the most important international exhibition of technology and supplies for the ceramic industry will open its doors in Rimini.

The wait is over: Tecna 2022, the most important international exhibition of technology and supplies for the ceramic industry, will begin in the Rimini Expo Centre on Tuesday 27 September.

The Rimini show will consist of four days of meetings, training events, in-depth analysis and discussion focusing on how to plan for the sector’s future in the light of the dramatic changes that have occurred in recent years and the further developments that are expected in the future.

On the one hand, ceramic companies have to cater for new market demands and consumer sensibilities, while inside the factories they face completely unprecedented operating conditions caused by supply chain bottlenecks and soaring costs of all production factors, especially energy.

On the other hand, the upstream process technology suppliers must help manufacturers address all of these challenges. This is what the 300 exhibitors of Tecna 2022 (of which 30% from abroad) will attempt to do by showcasing the most advanced solutions designed to ensure maximum production efficiency and the highest levels of environmental sustainability of processes and products.

These solutions will take centre stage at Tecna. While the new processes of automation and digitalisation help to maximise production efficiency (i.e. greater speed, flexibility, quality, safety and lower costs), the development of more advanced technologies with a low environmental footprint and advances in the energy transition represent a further step towards maximum sustainability of processes and products (again, significantly reducing industrial costs).

The ecological and digital transition will therefore take centre stage at the 27th Tecna, not just in terms of the offerings showcased by exhibitors but also in the exhibition’s programme of events.

This is true, starting from the inaugural conference, entitled “How to make the future: Visions and Challenges” to be held on 27 September at 3 pm (at the Future Arena conference area in Hall D5).


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