New industry 4.0 laboratory instruments to be launched at Tecna 2022

Nannetti, in partnership with Sassuolo Lab, is presenting its new range of Industry 4.0 laboratory instruments at Tecna 2022.

Nannetti, in partnership with Sassuolo Lab, is presenting its new range of Industry 4.0 instruments at Tecna 2022, in particular, the MIGNON-LP40/EA line of automatic table presses and the floor-standing STP series.

Both types of device are capable of programming up to three powder thicknesses, working pressure and maximum pressure dwell time, as well as memorising mould dimensions. The company is also displaying its new ER and ERVD series electric roller kilns, which are ideal for laboratory tests and small production runs.  Equipped with silicon carbide heating elements, these kilns are capable of operating at up to 1330°C with electronically controlled temperature uniformity and are fully manageable via a dedicated PC.

Another innovation in the field of Industry 4.0 is the FLS series of laboratory flexometers with 1000 kg and 3000 kg load cells. These flexometers feature an easily interchangeable load cell, double-speed electromechanical drive of the upper knife, storage of test sample parameters, programming and test results managed and displayed on an LCD screen, and a USB port for exporting test data.

To complete the offer, Nannetti has also developed a new range of "Economy series" kilns, which will have both table and floor ovens in fiber and brick. All the instruments designed and manufactured by Nannetti allow for the best study as for the new body formulations and recipes, in order to cope with the current situation of energy shortage and adoption of new raw materials; these tools shall be used by both tile producers and machinery manufacturers, who have to adapt their machines to the new raw materials.

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