Sustainability as driver of change in the industry

Esmalglass-Itaca is driving change in the industry by focusing strongly on sustainability and promoting innovations that deliver added value and environmental benefits.

Years of R&D efforts combined with the experience acquired working alongside customers who perform industrial-level digital glazing demonstrate the dedication and commitment of a company that places all its research results and technology at the service of the ceramic industry.

Esmalglass-Itaca’s sustainability commitment focuses on water, an essential building block of life that we cannot afford to waste. This led to the innovative new solution called DigitalGlass.

This new water-based glazing solution is the result of a fully digital process capable of reducing water consumption as much as tenfold compared to traditional applications, as well as cutting emissions and consequently lowering the environmental impact of the ceramic production process.

As the culmination of Esmalglass-Itaca’s longstanding commitment to water saving, DigitalGlass is more than just a new technology, it is a transformative process for the entire ceramic industry. Research has demonstrated that the use of water-based glazes not only reduces the environmental impact of the production process, but also leads to lower operating and logistics costs, a substantial improvement in product quality and aesthetics, and a significant reduction in product industrialisation time.

DigitalGlass eliminates waste in the glazing process, eliminates odours, improves surface quality, allows for digital reliefs, and ensures greater flexibility in terms of the finishes that can be achieved. This innovative solution also brings significant economic benefits for the ceramic industry as it allows for the reuse of excess material, it optimises material storage and it reduces personnel costs through more efficient control of the production process.

These competitive advantages are also guaranteed by the certifications obtained from all the leading printhead manufacturers attesting to the quality of Esmalglass-Itaca’s water-based digital materials.

Esmalglass-Itaca presents a solution where water, sustainability and technology form a perfect combination to create new opportunities and advantages for customers, while protecting the environment worldwide. This commitment and philosophy allow Esmalglass-Itaca to stand out as a reference brand for its R&D activity, products and service at international level, always keeping in mind that a sustainable future is possible.