Sicer Technology Lab presents Next Experience Surfaces

As part of Sicer’s ongoing research into new materials, this innovative formula is capable of further enhancing the tactile sensation of ceramic surfaces.

As part of its ongoing research into new materials capable of further enhancing the tactile sensation of ceramic surfaces, Sicer Technology Lab is unveiling a major new product, Next Experience Surfaces: the future of surface technology.

This unique and innovative formula guarantees the production of the best possible surface for any requirement, while maintaining its exclusive characteristics.

It is a special mix of microgrits with a very fine and highly calibrated particle size, resulting in textured and fully matt non-reflecting surfaces. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the finished ceramic surface is able to meet two requirements that are normally difficult to reconcile: as well as being totally non-reflective (very low gloss value of between 1.0 and 2.0), it is also perfectly cleanable and resistant to chemicals.

Next Experience Surfaces is a ready-to-use mixture that is very easy to prepare and apply and does not require the use of any additives. The result is a technical vitrified surface with a very pleasant touch and certified slip-resistance value of R10 or R11, making the floor attractive and safe to walk on both indoors and outdoors.


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