Showcase of Technological Innovations by Durst at TECNA 2022

Durst reconfirms its participation in TECNA 2022 (Rimini, Sept. 27-30, 2022) where it will present the latest technological innovations developed for the digital decoration of ceramic tiles.

On display at the Durst booth will be technologies for a full-digital glazing line featuring the revolutionary Gamma DG system for digital glazing/structure printing alongside the Durst Gamma XD printer for decoration.

A combination that ensures the creation of unlimited structures in perfect synchronization/match with the high-definition graphics, capable of giving tiles a perception of extreme naturalness and depth never seen before on ceramic tiles currently available. Visitors will be able to appreciate their uniqueness by visiting the gallery of applications made with these technologies at the Durst booth.

"TECNA has always been a benchmark for technologies dedicated to the ceramic industry," says Norbert von Aufschnaiter, Segment Manager Ceramics at Durst Group. "This is why we are pleased to take part in the event to showcase the innovation of our Durst Gamma DG and Gamma XD systems, which represent the best answer to the new needs of the industry."

The result of more than 10 years of intensive R&D work, Durst Gamma DG is to date the only technology that allows natural materials such as stone, marble and wood to be truly recreated on ceramic tiles. A high value-added result made possible thanks to Durst's special proprietary RockJET™ print heads, specially developed by Durst to handle glazes with large particle sizes (up to 45µm) with high viscosity for printing high-definition structures with most evident look and feel.

All of this using true water-based glazes with very low organic content that minimize emissions during the firing process.

In addition, the combination with Durst Gamma XD digital printers provide printing results featuring vivid colors, sharp details and high contrast, which further enhance the three-dimensionality of structures made with Gamma DG. In fact, Durst Gamma XD's special proprietary Dimatix heads ensure excellent quality, maximum uniformity across the full width and total absence of banding.

The result are products with extremely realistic natural look no longer distinguishable from natural products thanks to strong and high-definition material effects while maintaining all the advantages of ceramic tiles, also in terms of sustainability.

The use of Durst technologies makes it possible, on the one hand, to reduce the use of natural raw materials in interior design; on the other, it ensures a truly green production process in terms of energy efficiency and reduced consumption even for 24/7 non-stop production.

In addition, the ability to make small batches and on-demand productions makes it possible to optimize resources by reducing glaze waste, limiting the amount of printed material in stock and related management and storage costs.


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