System Ceramics supplies technologies for the new Portobello site in the USA

The new facility in Baxter will be equipped with System Ceramics technologies for digital decoration and the entire end-of-line stage

The leading Brazilian ceramic tile producer Portobello has strengthened its longstanding cooperation with Coesia Group company System Ceramics with an order for cutting-edge decoration and end-of-line technology for its new facility in Baxter, Tennessee. Under the terms of the agreement, System Ceramics will be involved in all three phases of the newly launched project, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Specifically, System Ceramics will supply Creadigit Infinity digital decoration and end-of-line technologies, from sorting and vision control to storage, packaging and palletising systems and handling, for a facility that will produce more than 8 million square metres of tiles a year in medium and medium-large sizes.

This order is the latest step in System Ceramics’ fruitful collaboration with the Portobello Group and further confirms our expectations and strategic positioning in the United States,” commented Roberto Bonucchi, Sales Director of System Ceramics. “We are honoured that such a prestigious global partner has placed its trust in us for this highly ambitious project in a new market.

Portobello is the first Brazilian ceramic company to begin a production activity abroad and sees the investment as a key step in its growth strategy aimed at boosting sales in the American market.

The United States, where around 90% of ceramic manufacturers are owned by Italian groups, is an important strategic market for System Ceramics.